Symexco is delighted to organise this International Conference and Exhibition on Iraq Renewable Energy, to be held in Baghdad, 1 - 2 December 2019.

This event is regarded to be the largest of its kind to be held in Iraq, and will be attended by top decision makers, officials, banks, financial institutions, government and private industries and experts from Iraq and their counterpart from international organisations and companies.

Iraq is a pioneer in Renewable Energy Research. In 1981, Iraq witnessed the construction of the first renewable energy research centre in the Middle East. The environmental conditions of Iraq are ideal for Renewable Energy projects, especially solar and wind energy.

Iraq will experience significant growth over the next decade. However, to achieve the expected levels of energy production will require coordination along the supply chain and active contribution from the government and the private sector as well as from the international energy industry, investors and financial institutions.

Iraq Renewable Energy is therefore, an all-important event, as it addresses these concerns and other issues at a critical time in Iraqi economic and industrial redevelopment. This event also directly addresses the urgent needs of the Iraqi private sector for substantial investment together with the strategic and technical support from international companies. The ability of Iraq to achieve its full development potential and energy sufficiency, will be strengthened by contributions of the international energy industry and substantial foreign investment.

The OpportunityThe Opportunity

  • To hear from the Iraqi dignitaries.
  • To generate favourable leads in Iraq’s renewables and sustainable energy plans.
  • To develop network with top delegates from the renewable energy sectors.
  • To discover new business niches.
  • To exhibit and offer your services to senior Iraqi officials
  • To pitch your products and blueprints to an international investment audience.
  • To seal the deal with the top decision makers.

Why Attend?Why Attend?

Iraq’s Renewable Energy
  • Opportunity to be involved in Iraq’s renewable projects. Iraq has an urgent need to develop its Renewable Energy sector, due to acute shortages in electricity power.
  • Huge number of Renewable Energy projects. Iraq has excellent conditions for the development of Renewable Energy and it is falling behind compared to other countries in the region.
  • Get an inside view of Iraq’s Renewable Energy Sector directly from the highest of Iraqi Officials.
  • Opportunity to hear from key government officials and industry leaders and experts regarding the current development and maintenance of the renewable energy infrastructure in Iraq.
  • Discover new untapped opportunities for investment, and identifying projects requiring immediate investment.
  • Get acquainted with one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world.
  • Network with international institutions and partners in the market to maximise your profits and reach.