Current State of Renewable Energy in Iraq

The scenario of renewable energy in Iraq presented by senior representatives

Economic prospects

Economical dimension of renewable energy and job prospects in Iraq

Diversified power market

Key take away from other countries who have experimented this before hand

Investment opportunities and PPP

Parameters and project funding scope by foreign companies

Technology transfer

Substantial transfer of technology requirements for the implications of the processes for long-term development

Environmental issues, clean water, efficiency and energy saving

Environmental preservation and protection to ensure eco-friendly growth

Batteries and storage

Solving the crucial and vital point of energy storage using the technologies

Future energy consumption and needs

Scope of sustainable development and environmental safety coming decades

Residential and industry

Which policies can be introduced for residential and industrial areas? Aside from the construction of plants and the implementation of more efficient technologies, how can the need for power be reduced while production is increased? Highlighting the potentials of the urban centres, this panel will present solutions for green cities of the future